Prices and Conditions


All Banners (size: 470x60) are rotating threw all pages. A database counts the PageViews (how many people have seen the banner) and the clicks on the banner.

Customers have to pay for a fixed contingent of PageViews. Please contact us per email for current contingent numbers. The price for 1000 contacts (PageViews) is 30 Euros at the moment. You can buy contingents for one or three months. Is the number of PageViews in a month smaller than what you've payed for the banner will stay on the page in the next month until the promised number is reached. The banner will disappear when the number of PageViews has expired.

We calculate the PageView contingents according to the statistics of the last months.


It is possible to place a companie's logo (100x50 pixels) with a link into the sections of LinuxAutomation. You can get a logo for 12 Euros per month. Non profit organisations and projects have the possibility to get a logo free of charge. The decision who is a non profit organisation is up to us.

The advertisers don't have any influence on the comment in LinuxAutomation. We are free to remove links from our webpage at any time. In case somebody who is taken away from the page is currently paying for logos he will get the money back for the time he is removed.


All contracts include our General Terms and Conditions of Trade.

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