Product Assembly

The LXA IOBus 4DO-3DI-3AI is delivered as a kit. As a result of that some manual assembly is required before the device can be used.

An interactive overview of the parts requiring manual assembly is shown below. For a more detailed view you can click here: Parts to assemble to open the same view in a separate browser window.

Hover over the respective line in the part listing to see where to place it on the PCB.

The components are:

  • X103 - A-DF_09_A_KG-T2 - Female D-Sub 9 connector

  • X101 - BL_LP_5_SMD_4_S - [Optional] Allows stacking of multiple LXA IOBus 4DO-3DI-3AI without requiring individual wiring

  • X105, X107 - 61200621721`` - 6-Pin Box connectors for the three analog and three digital inputs

  • X104 - 61200821721 - 8-Pin Box connector for the digital outputs

  • S101 - 1-1825027-1 - Push button used for the “Locator” functionality


Special care should be taken when soldering the D-Sub 9 connector A-DF_09_A_KG-T2. The large connectors are used to structurally hold it in place and therefore require substantially more heat and solder than the other connections.