System Requirements


The following software components are required to install and run the LXA IOBus host software:

  • A Linux system with kernel version 4.* or above.

  • The git command to download software components.

  • A Python 3 interpreter.

  • Support for the Python 3 Module venv. This is part of the python3 package on most distributions. On Debian, however, installation of the separate python3-venv package is required.

Optional requirements to gain best experience:

  • systemd version 239 or later to start the control server in the background on system boot and to configure the CAN interface.


The control software currently uses low-level Linux APIs and does not support Microsoft Windows or any other non-Linux operating systems.


Device to Host connection

Hardware requirements to use one LXA IOBus 4DO-3DI-3AI:

  • A Linux-compatible CAN-Interface (e.g. a CandleLight USB-CAN-Interface).

  • A 12V power supply, supplying a clean voltage and up to 500mA of current.

  • A D-SUB9 Connector to connect the CAN-Interface, power supply and LXA IOBus 4DO-3DI-3AI.
    See the D-Sub 9 Pinout section for more information.


The actual operating current of an LXA IOBus 4DO-3DI-3AI is far less than 500mA. One such power supply should in fact be able to supply at least a dozen IOBus devices.