Firmware Upgrade

The lxa-iobus-server software comes bundled with the latest firmware binaries for the IOBus devices. The availability of new firmware upgrades for devices is indicated in the Web-Interface by a red Update text in the node list:

IOBus Server Webinterface - Upgrade notification

List of nodes. Devices “00005.00001” and “00005.00009” have pending firmware upgrades.

A firmware upgrade is performed by selecting the corresponding entry in the node list and clicking the Update to … button at the top:

IOBus Server Webinterface - Update button

Pressing the “Update to …” button initiates a firmware upgrade.

Clicking the button takes you to the “ISP” tab of the web interface where a log of the flashing progress is shown:

IOBus Server Webinterface - Firmware upgrade log

A successful firmware flashing process terminates with the log message “Flashing done”.

Once the flashing is complete you can return to the node information by selecting the “Nodes” tab at the top.