Product Identification

LXA TAC product label layout

Example for a LXA TAC product label

The LXA TAC is delivered with a product label containing an unique serial number, the product revision and the MAC addresses of the device.

An example for such a product label is shown to the right. The corresponding device has the serial number 00009.00014, indicating it is the 14th instance in product class 00009 (LXA TAC Assembly). A copy of the serial number is also included in the data-matrix code to allow semi-automatic identification of devices.

Revisions of the device

In addition to the serial number, every device is marked with a revision. For example the revision string lxatac-D01-R02-V01-C00 would decode to:

  • D01 - First device in the lxatac device class

  • R02 - Device revision two

  • V01 - Assembly variant one

  • C00 - No post-manufacturing hardware changes

The following revisions of the devices have been manufactured:

  • lxatac-D01-R01-V01-C00: LXA TAC Prototype (Gen 1) [development only]

  • lxatac-D01-R01-V01-C02: LXA TAC Prototype (Gen 1 with Gen 2 retrofit) [development only]

  • lxatac-D01-R02-V01-C01: LXA TAC Pre-Series devices (Gen2) [development only]

  • lxatac-D01-R02-V01-C02: LXA TAC Pre-Series with changes according to EMC testing (Gen 2 with Gen 3 retrofit) [early access]

  • lxatac-D01-R03-V01-C00: LXA TAC Series Production devices (Gen 3)


Each TAC is shipped with an allocation of 16 MAC addresses, some of which are not used by default but instead available to the user. The MAC: 18:74:e2:a0:00:f_ string on the example label indicates that MAC addresses 18:74:e2:a0:00:f0 to 18:74:e2:a0:00:ff are allocated to this LXA TAC.