Product Overview

The LXA TAC (Linux Automation GmbH Test-Automation-Controller) is a Linux based automation device for embedded software development. The TAC connects to embedded devices under test (DUT) via various interfaces and automates common tasks, like deploying new software to the device, power cycling it and observing the output.

This manual guides you through the basic setup and usage of your TAC.

Photo of the device with an emphasis of the DUT-side of the device.

Where to get Support

Do you have any questions regarding the LXA TAC? Join #lxa on or send us an email at

Where to find (other) Documentation

This document is an entry point for new LXA TAC users (and a reference for more experienced users), some more specific information about parts of the LXA TAC may also be found elsewhere:

  • Information about available support hardware, like cables and adapters can be found on the LXA TAC product page.

  • Device specifications can be found in the datasheet.

  • Information about LXA TAC firmware images and update bundles and how to customize them can be found in the meta-lxatac repository on GitHub.

  • Information about the LXA TAC webinterface and management daemon may be found in the tacd repository on GitHub.