Serial Debug Console

The LXA TAC provides a serial debugging console on the 2.5mm headphone jack on the front of the device. Compatible cables (TX on the tip, RX on the ring, GND on the shell) are, among other places, available in our online shop.

If you do not have such a cable at hand you can also open the case and use the pin headers directly behind the 2.5mm jack.

The serial output uses the usual 115200N8 connection parameters.

On power up you should see barebox starting, followed by a Linux boot and finally a login shell. Just type root as username and use no/empty password to log in.

Persistent Logging

Systemd journals are logged persistently and across RAUC updates. You can find them under /srv/journal/.


In case of system crashes or kernel panic the most recent log entries and backtraces may not have found their way into the regular logs, but are read from the RAM directly after the subsequent reboot.

You can find them in /var/lib/systemd/pstore/ and also attached as a file to the post-reboot journal. To access the entries in the journal, run

journalctl -b -o verbose -a -t systemd-pstore

The most recent barebox logs can also be found here.